Advance Your Leadership Potential


Leverage your ICF Level 1 Training to access diverse coaching roles across various industries, increasing your career flexibility and potential income.


Increase your knowledge

and skills in preparation to become a Certified Coach.


Earn high-quality coaching

hours to apply for an ICF certification or re-certification on core competencies.


Join an elite group

of subject-matter-experts in coaching and differentiate yourself from others who coach

Transform Your Passion into Your Profession

This course gives you the framework to apply for a globally recognized certification from the International Coach Federation, establishing your credibility as a professional coach.

Join a Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded professionals and become part of a vibrant community that offers support, mentorship, and continuous learning opportunities.

We're Here To Guide You

We are a team of professional and certified coaches who have spent many years honing our own coaching skills, to help our clients move forward through change and transition, develop their own leadership skills, and work within an ever-changing environment. Our clients are successful leaders and are admired, trusted, and respected in their organizations and the greater populations they serve.

Marilyn P. Wiles CGFM, CPCC, ICF PCC
Lisa J Kuruvilla PMP, ICF PCC, CMC, CEC

Learning Objectives

Explore the Benefits of An Accredited ICF Training Program

This course offers students the fundamentals in coaching. When completed, participants will have the course-required-hours for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). They will learn, experience, and coach to the core competencies, ethical guidelines, and themes unique to the gold standard in coaching.


Identifying tools, resources, and several coaching models to fully support the client’s professional and personal goals.


Developing an awareness of coaching ethics to create a transparent and comfortable coaching environment.


Being fully cognizant of the ICF competencies and how they are integral and foundational to coaching excellence.


Utilizing methods and behaviors to foster successful coaching with a client in any context.

Our Upcoming Class Options

All of our classes are virtual and work off a 28 week schedule


Wednesdays from 1pm-5pm Eastern

Starting on May 8th, this class will meet virtually every Wednesday from 1pm-5pm Eastern for 28 weeks. Classes will be either a virtual in-class, triad, or self-paced structure.


Fridays from 9am-1pm Eastern

Starting on May 10th, this class will meet virtually every Friday from 9am-1pm Eastern for 28 weeks. Classes will be either a virtual in-class, triad, or self-paced structure.

Registration is $6,500 USD and includes all training materials, lessons and mentor hours needed to apply for an ICF Level 1 Coach Certification.

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